Bankruptcy Law

You Could Be Debt-Free in as Little as Four Months

You Could Be Debt-Free in as Little as Four Months

File for bankruptcy with help from attorney Harris

Have you fallen behind on your mortgage payments? Are you drowning in credit card debt? Filing for bankruptcy may allow you to get a fresh start. However, you don't want to move forward without consulting a bankruptcy attorney.

At Bradford J. Harris Attorney at Law, you'll receive the personalized guidance you need to make an informed decision. Call 845-796-6387 now to schedule a free consultation.

Attorney Harris will simplify the process

Wondering what to expect when filing for bankruptcy? Attorney Harris will...

  • Recommend a course of action based on your debt and income
  • Explain the entire process upfront during your consultation
  • Handle every detail of your case for your convenience
Attorney Harris typically makes one court appearance in Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases and two appearances in Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases. Reach out today to learn how you can break free of debt.

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