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Challenging a Traffic Ticket Is a Smart Move

Challenging a Traffic Ticket Is a Smart Move

Don't pay the fine without consulting a traffic attorney

It may seem like paying a fine is the easiest way to resolve your legal matter, but doing so can result in automatic penalties. If you received a traffic ticket in Monticello, NY or the surrounding area, enlist the help of Bradford J. Harris Attorney at Law to challenge the citation.

Attorney Harris handles all kinds of traffic tickets, including those involving...

  • Speeding
  • Failing to yield right-of-way
  • Texting or improperly using a cell phone while driving
By appearing in court on your behalf, attorney Harris will make it convenient for you to challenge your citation. Call 845-796-6387 now to arrange for a meeting with a local traffic attorney.

Providing outstanding legal services at affordable rates

Attorney Harris has built lasting relationships with local prosecutors, which he can leverage to expedite your case. Although he will go the extra mile to represent you, he won't charge you a fortune for legal services.

Reach out today to learn about our rates.

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